Our Vision

ARASEEB considers long-term partnership and customer relationships from all over the globe to prepare and keep its position as a “CLASS A” supplier until 2030, by relying on Premium Products and professional supply chain.


Production of Premium Persian Dates and easing the access to this sweet and nutritious fruit in every corner of the globe via

ARASEEB’s reputation wasn’t built over a day or two, 40 years of experience is the main reason we strive to be consistent in giving the best product / Service to our Customers!

as few of earliest DOMESTIC-SUPPLIERS in our country, we accessed the worldwide market by running a well-systemized Distribution channel and as time went by , we selected and grew healthiest of date palm farms of BAM,JIROFT and KAHNOOJ cities in KERMAN/IRAN, so eventually ARASEEB became ready to take its role as one of the most trusted and well-known suppliers of Persian Fresh fruits and Dates For EUROPE and Persian gulf countries.

Araseeb handles its important mission by the dedication and passion of its PROFESSIONAL CREW ، you can briefly meet them below

Mohammad Mir Mohammad Sadeghi

Export Manager

Yousef Riahi

Supply Chain Managment
alireza haghighatpoor/علیرضا حقیقت پور

Alireza Haghighat Pour

Digital Marketing Manager