Frequently Asked Questions

Professional Consulting
  1. Are customized labeling services under extra cost or they are included in fees?

    Depending on the season , we include the private labeling charges in default Proforma-invoices if you submit your order before the beginning of harvesting season, But as soon as the Sorting/ packaging/storing end, Private labeling services are considered as "EXTRA COST" since the process of re-packaging has to be done with caution to prevent the dates from damaging/Corruption.

  2. How are the ordered products shipped to distant markets/countries?

    After years of experiencing Supply management, ARASEEB uses WORLDCLASS HYGIENE FRIDGE CONTAINERS carried by ITS PROFESSIONAL FORWARDING COMPANIES by truck and vessel, so there is no need to be worried about the LOGISTIC CHALLENGES.

  3. Does ARASEEB Guarantee freshness of its products? what if the ordered dates werent in conformity with the requested quality?

    we promise the highest standards of warehouse, Sorting/packing and shipping for our Premium Quality dates, but naturally unforeseen events cannot be predicted and controlled but however, we offer FULL PRE-SHIPPING INSPECTION SERVICES FOR FREE, by globally trusted inspection company ; I.E.I

    Araseeb Sepahan Company has more than 40 years of experience and knowledge about the worldwide needs of fresh and organic fruits. Thus it is our mission to make Premium Persian Dates oder-able and accessible from ever corner of the world..


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