Cultivation, harvesting and supply management Persian dates takes decades of knowledge and dedication

We are continuously growing day by day with the help of our Experienced crew and more important , our pure intention on building trust and offering safest products. thank you for trusting and following our team on this important mission

vahid dezfuli

ceo & founder

Global Services


Feel free to let us help you choose the best type of dates you need based on the market you want to import.


Annual Production of our datepalm farms is on Equilibrium with GLOBAL DEMAND

Customized Labeling

we accepted and give private label product services to our partners who aim to be among top brands of Persian Dates sellers such as ALDI of Denmark Or WILLYS of SWEDEN

persian dates professional agro-services

    Araseeb Sepahan Company has more than 40 years of experience and knowledge about the worldwide needs of fresh and organic fruits. Thus it is our mission to make Premium Persian Dates oder-able and accessible from ever corner of the world..


    Isfahan, Dashtestan St., Mozhdeh dead end, No. 2, second floor




    سبد خرید