piarom dates

The Piarom date is A large, thin skin, black-brown date that is widely considered the most delicious of all semi-dry date varieties. Most Piarom dates are produced in the vicinity of Hajjiabad, Hormozgan in southern Iran.


most luxurious of Persian Dates portfolio , Rich in vitamins and minerals , an stylish dry-fruit which gives your table an .unforgettable look and taste. endemic to Southern Iran .

Facts and benefits

  • Best cure for anemia
  • Perfect choice in the plate for Especial Events
  • Filled with Fibers and Carbs




Preparation time and minimum order


  • 3-5 working days
  • fridge ISO container 40’ ft for CIF terms

Additional information


Dark Brown


3-6 Cm


15 %

Storage conditions

Cold storage 0-5 degrees


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